Positive, One Soccer Player in Italy Fell Victim to the Corona Virus Outbreak

Italy is known as one of the countries on the European continent that has quite several cases of Coronavirus sufferers. For this incident, various activities there were paralyzed, the residents could not carry out various activities as usual because they were urged not to leave the house to suppress the spread of the Coronavirus. Not only that, the country’s soccer league, Serie A, was also affected. Many various matches that were supposed to be held were finally postponed, there were even some matches which were held without spectators at all.

This is inseparable from the orders issued by the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, to postpone all activities and events that could gather people in very large numbers. Because from here it is feared that the Coronavirus will become more widespread in the future. The delay has also been imposed until April 3. However, it is also possible to extend it again, related to the situation and conditions that are happening.

Unfortunately, news recently stated that if there is one league player in this country became a victim of the Coronavirus. The victim is not from a club from the first league but a third league or commonly called Serie C, namely Vis Pesaro . This news is also direct news from the club management, where one of their players feels if they experience symptoms of the Coronavirus that has been mentioned. When undergoing tests, the results also state if the player is positive for the Coronavirus.

Even though they have issued this statement to the public, it is not yet clear what the next step for the Vis Pesaro club will be. Whether all the players in this club will be isolated, or only their positive players become victims of the Coronavirus. However, the Italian government itself has announced isolation measures to curb the spread of the disease more widely later.

Also, in Italy alone, 10 thousand people have been confirmed positive as sufferers of the Coronavirus. Right on Tuesday, the death toll was reported as many as 168 people. This number adds to the total death toll in Italy due to the Coronavirus outbreak to as many as 631 people. Not yet known again how the continuation of the match in the Serie A league in the future due to the outbreak of this Coronavirus. The government is also aggressively to always give an appeal and a warning to the public not to go out, unless there is a very important business.

Interesting things were also conveyed by one of the legendary Italian players from the Inter Milan club, Sandro Mazzola. He advised all football players in the Italian league to donate part of his salary to help overcome the Coronavirus problem that is happening right now. No need much, he also suggested enough of 5% of the total salary earned. Later, these funds in addition to helping the club cover the losses found due to the Coronavirus outbreak, also help the health authorities in this Coronavirus research in Italia. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co/