Should the Premier League be Void due to Corona Outbreak?

With all the games being postponed, the busiest League in England, the Premier League is facing a new challenge. Normally, the games that all the clubs need to play are 38 games. From the last match that has been held, they reached the 29th and some clubs were only playing until 28. As all of the leagues in the UK are being suspended until April 4th, it means that this season of Premier League will not be completed. Would it be fair to Void the Premier League this season? This has become a very serious discussion among the people on boards. There are so many aspects that the association needs to consider for sure. 

The postponement of the matches had become a huge relief for the players and the staff. Following the games in Emirates Stadium, Olympiacos and West Ham had to endure the outbreak. The president of the Greek team, Evangelos Marinakis, has been tested positive with Coronavirus after the game Olympiakos played against Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. Later after that game, Arsenal also had a game against West Ham United on March 11. That became the last match that Arsenal the other clubs played at the moment as some players and staff are tested positive with Coronavirus. One of them is Mikael Arteta, the manager or Arsenal. That was the peak of the outbreak at the Premier League.

Considering the health and safety of the players and staff, it is the best decision to stop everything. However, this becomes a new problem to face whether the Premier League can be held once the lockdown is finished. According to the professional staff that works with professional football players, it is quite impossible to finish all the matches this season. Why? This is all because a player can not play without training. They need 1-day training before every match. So, it will take at least 18-20 days, but it’s not something that can be done during a short period of time.

However, on the other hand, if the association decided to void the season, it will be a huge loss for Liverpool. It is like a rip-off for their excellent performance for the past 29 games. They won 27 games with 1 Loss and 1 Draw. It is believed that the chance to defeat Liverpool is very low for the likes of Manchester City that is now in the 2nd position. The West Ham United vice-chair, Karen Brady, stated that the best decision will be stopping the league and void. He understood that it will be a huge loss for Liverpool after waiting for 30 years to lift up the trophy. This will also affect the financial condition for all the clubs, but it is unfair if it stopped now and decides who won. This is unfair to decide as not all the games have been played. Anything is possible for every game. Brady’s statement was not well accepted by Liverpool’s fans for sure. While other executives explained that it is better to reward both the winner and the rest of the teams.